How to Get an Invitation to Consultants’ Camp

Camp is open to anyone who has attended before, and to anyone who receives an invitation

Consultants’ Camp is unlike other conferences. First, and perhaps most obviously, it’s much longer than most. It’s also much smaller than most — attendance varies from 25 to 50, but it’s usually between 30 and 40. We rely on each other for knowledge, insight, stimulation, challenge, and most of all, learning. Because we’re together for a week, and because there are so few of us, we must be selective about who attends. We extend invitations to people we believe can help us in those ways, and who are interested in doing so because they believe they will receive the same in return.

If you’d like an invitation, and you haven’t yet received one, contact any Camper and inquire.

It’s possible that some people you know are Campers, but you might not know that they are. We don’t release Campers’ contact information, but you can ask people you know, or your LinkedIn contacts or FaceBook friends, if any of them are Campers or if they can introduce you to a Camper. At LinkedIn, look for members of the Consultants’ Camp group, indicated by the Consultants’ Camp logo, shown at the upper left corner of this page.

You probably know some Campers who can invite you. You just don’t know they’re Campers, and they don’t know you’re interested in attending Camp. Ask around.

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